Patient Rooms

Executive Summary of Key Concepts

April 16, 2014     HERD Volume 7, Issue 3
RESEARCH One Size Does Not Fit All: A Diagnostic Post-Occupancy Evaluation Model for an Emergency Department

Design Decision Making and ICU Life Support Systems

November 15, 2013     D. Kirk Hamilton, FAIA, FACHA, EDAC

Letter to the Editors: Post-Anesthesia Care Unit and Six Sigma Process

November 15, 2013     Roger Haenke, MDiv, MSNc, RN, NEA-BC

Fall Prevention for Inpatient Oncology Using Lean and Rapid Improvement Event Techniques

November 15, 2013     Laurie Wolf, MS, CPE, ASQ-CSSBB; Eileen Costantinou, MSN, RN-BC; Cathie Limbaugh, MSN, CNS-BC, OCN; Kathy Rensing, MSN, ANP-BC, CRNI; Phyllis Gabbart, MSN, APRN-BC; and Pat Matt, RN, MSN, CIC, ASQ-CSSBB

Color Perception in Pediatric Patient Room Design: American versus Korean Pediatric Patients

September 30, 2013     Jin Gyu "Phillip" Park, PhD, and Changbae Park, RA

Design Collaboration: Practice and Academic Perspectives

June 26, 2013     D. Kirk Hamilton, FAIA, FACHA, EDAC

Clinic Exam Room Design: Present and Future

June 26, 2013     Kara Freihoefer, PhD, EDAC; Gary Nyberg, AIA; and Christine Vickery, CID, EDAC

Design Considerations for Aging Populations

March 4, 2013     Jaynelle F. Stichler, DNSc, RN, EDAC, NEA-BC, FACHE, FAAN

Target Value Design: Applications to Newborn Intensive Care Units

August 14, 2012     Zofia K. Rybkowski, PhD, Mardelle McCuskey Shepley, DArch, and H. Glenn Ballard, PhD
Introduction In light of international and national efforts to provide both optimally designed and economical healthcare environments, a significant effort is underway to address the simultaneous accomplishment of these goals. A sophisticated analysis of the fiscal implications of a proposed...

A Comprehensive Comparison of Open-Bay and Single-Family-Room Neonatal Intensive Care Units at Sanford Children's Hospital [CEU Available]

August 14, 2012     Dennis C. Stevens, MS, MD, Carol C. Helseth, RNC, BSN, Paul A. Thompson, PhD, James V. Pottala, MS, M. Akram Khan, MD, and David P. Munson, MD
Introduction The National Association of Children's Hospitals and Related Institutions defined evidence-based design as “the deliberate attempt to base building decisions on the best available evidence with the goal of achieving the best possible outcomes for patients, families and staff...

Staff Perceptions Before and After Adding Single-Family Rooms in the NICU

August 14, 2012     Sheila Bosch, PhD, LEED® AP, EDAC, Tamara Bledsoe, ARNP-BC, MS NNP, and Ali Jenzarli, PhD
Objective The purpose of this investigation is to evaluate staff perceptions of environmental quality before and after the renovation of an existing open-bay neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and the addition of 23 single-family NICU rooms in the Wasie NICU at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital...

Designs for the Most Vulnerable of Patients

August 14, 2012     Jaynelle Stichler, DNS, RN, NEA-BC, EDAC, FACHE, FAAN
Jaynelle Stichler, DNS, RN, NEA-BC, EDAC, FACHE, FAAN
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