Building Design

Project Coalitions in Healthcare Construction Projects and the Application of Real Options: An Exploratory Survey

November 15, 2013     Maartje van Reedt Dortland, PhD; Geert Dewulf, PhD; and Hans Voordijk, PhD

Hospital Architecture

September 30, 2013     Philip Nielsen, MArch, LEED AP
Nickl-Weller, Christine, & Nickl, Hans (Eds.) (2012). Salenstein Switzerland: Braun Publishing ISBN-13: 978-3037681244

Design for the Post-Antibiotic Era: Experiences from a New Building for Infectious Diseases in Malmo, Sweden

September 30, 2013     Torsten Holmdahl, MD, and Peter Lanbeck, MD, PhD

Advancing Translational Research through Facility Design in Non-AMC Hospitals

June 26, 2013     Debajyoti Pati, PhD, FIIA, LEED AP; Michael P. Pietrzak, MD; Thomas E. Harvey Jr., FAIA, MPH, FACHA, LEED AP; Walter B. Armstrong; Robert Clarke, PhD, DSc FS Biol, FRS Chem, FRS Med; Neil J. Weissman, MD, FACC; Paul E. Rapp, PhD; Mark S. Smith, MD, FACEP; Rollin J. Fairbanks, MD, MS, FACEP; and Jeffrey M.G. Collins, MHS

Methodological Issues in Conducting Post-Occupancy Evaluations to Support Design Decisions

June 26, 2013     Debajyoti Pati, PhD, FIIA, IDEC, LEED AP and Sipra Pati, MA

Sound Levels, Staff Perceptions, and Patient Outcomes During Renovation Near the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

August 14, 2012     Amber W. Trickey, MS, CPH, Cody C. Arnold, MD, MSc, MPH, Ankit Parmar, MD, and Robert E. Lasky, PhD
Introduction Advancing methods in medical practice often requires new healthcare facilities and improvements to existing facilities. Renovation projects create substantial noise and changes in providers' work routines that may interrupt ongoing patient care. In neonatal intensive care units (...

Affordances of the Care Environment for People With Dementia-An Assessment Study

August 14, 2012     Päivi Topo, PhD, Helinä Kotilainen, MSc(Arch), and Ulla Eloniemi-Sulkava, PhD
Introduction Studies on the physical environment and well-being of people with dementia have shown that environments can promote engagement, independence, and functioning.

The Challenge of Innovation and the High-Performance Team

May 15, 2012     David A. Tam, MD, MBA, FACHE, Thomas Chessum, FAIA, NCARB, and Jay Leopold
Background In 2003, Palomar Pomerado Health (PPH) was a 60-year-old California public district hospital system with a public/voter-elected board that faced a significant challenge. As the largest public health district in California, covering 800 square miles, the system comprised two acute care...

The Impact of Daylight and Views on ICU Patients and Staff [CEU]

March 1, 2012     Mardelle McCuskey Shepley, DArch; Raymond Peter Gerbi, BA; Angela E. Watson, MArch; Stephen Imgrund, MD, FCCP; and Rana Sagha-Zadeh, MArch
Background Three topics were explored in the literature review for this study: (1) the impact of windows and window views on patients, family, and staff; (2) the impact of sunlight and daylight on patients, family, and staff; and (3) the role of stress in the intensive care environment.

Impact of Imaging Room Environment: Staff Job Stress and Satisfaction, Patient Satisfaction, and Willingness To Recommend

March 1, 2012     Xiaobo Quan, PhD, EDAC, Anjali Joseph, PhD, EDAC, and Janet C. Ensign, PhD
Background It has become increasingly important for healthcare organizations to improve the satisfaction of patients and healthcare workers. Patient satisfaction with healthcare services directly affects the reputation, patient loyalty, patient retention and attraction, operating revenue, and...

Medical Center Opening Exposes Design Problems

October 31, 2011     Shari Welch, MD
Complete with ribbon cutting and speeches, the opening of the new tertiary care medical center was met with enthusiasm by the community. The physicians and other healthcare providers had high hopes for the new facility and their prospects for delivering high quality care within its walls. However,...

Flexible, changeable, adaptable demands

August 31, 2011     Roger B. Call, AIA, ACHA, LEED® AP, Director, Healthcare Architecture+Design
Flexible, changeable, adaptable-all are words now showing up in many guiding principles for new healthcare facility design projects. It's understandable why owners and users are asking for these attributes to be a part of their projects. Capital is still tight, healthcare reform is still...
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